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Rules, regulations, and the way of the world for Instincts is all written in here. It's your cheat guide to staying out of trouble! Be sure to use it wisely.

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If you're wondering whats going on with Instincts, have no fear! Just take a look in here. All news, activity checks, events, and contests will be staged here. Make sure to check in regularly! We will post here quite often!

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If you've read the guidebook and still have some questions about our site, you're always welcome to pop into our chat box. However, if you can't find the answers in the chat box and a staff member is not currently on, you may post your questions here! If it's a bit too public for you, you're always welcome to send a private message to a staff member as well. We're here to help!

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Ready to spend those wonderful monies you've worked up posting around the site? Head on down to the Flea Market and see what bargains you can get to come your way!

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If we can't link back for whatever reason, your ad will be deleted!

I. Opening Chapter

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Ready to put that voice in your head to paper? Pop on by! All characters must be screened and approved by a staff member before role playing can begin. Better to do it now than later!

34 threads and 71 posts

All accepted character biographies will be moved to this board and are viewable to Instinct members only.

13 threads and 38 posts

The Witch's Pot here is the best way to get a plot rolling here on Instincts! Whether you're looking for a specific role to be filled or just trying to get some plots going with your character, here's the place to put it! We're excited to see what you'll come up with!

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Whether it's Fido's sister or a brand new puppy from the site's favorite couple, any and all adoptable characters should be posted here!

II. Earth

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This forest sustains most of the life here on Earth. It flourishes with wildlife, plants and animals, and even has a few streams and waterfalls scattered within it. The types of trees vary, but the one thing that remains is that there are very, very few bald spots from the beginning of the tree line and end.

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by mocha
On Nov 1, 2017 3:09:11 GMT
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Berry Valley: perhaps the Earth's most fruitful stretch of land to be found. The land here is lush and full of both plant and animal life. The grass is almost always green, the trees full, and, of course, the bears out scavenging for berries to fill their stomachs before winter. This is perhaps the best hunting spot due to the ground being so fertile for plants, in turn attracting prey and predator life. Everyone can agree: this land is the best of the best, which is why many animals will clash for control here.

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Purgatory's trail is rumored to be an old passageway carved out by the humans' feet. Though it's just a dirt road leading seemingly no where, there's lots of controversy around this little dirt road. Many don't dare to travel along this way due to the many rumors of creatures, ghouls, and ghosts that make reaching the end impossible. No one has ever reported reaching the end of the trail. Maybe at the end of a road is an oasis, maybe it's certain death. It's a risk only you can decide to take.

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Rattler's Cavern is a deep, dark series of caves that snakes particularly enjoy seeking shelter inside at night. During daylight hours there are natural holes in the caves' ceilings, making the cave 100% able to be explored while the sun is still high, however at night even the moon light is not enough to light up the darkness of the caverns. There are many different paths to follow, meaning you would be bound to find something new each time you visit.

III. Wind

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The Monarch Tree is a large, well known oak tree near the Whispering Wheat field. This tree is perhaps hundreds of years old and even still bares the unhealed scars from humans leaving their own marks. While it's not a very exciting place, many animals will seek refuge under the tree on hot summer days. It's a cherished spot and many animals would not dare disrespect the old oak. The tree got it's name from it's people due to the yearly migration of Monarch butterflies every summer.

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More often than not this wheat field is where the large herd animals enjoying grazing. This field is rumored to be an artifact of the humans' existence, now growing uncontrolled over an acre of land. It's really quite a peaceful place, however. While there are a few trees scattered here and there, as well as a line of trees encasing the field, this is mostly open land. The wheat doesn't often get too high due to munching critters, however when it does, the wheat sings it's visitors a unique song each visit.

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The Little Falls are a small river running down from Malwaki Mountain, the same mountain the Lion's Den sits on. Though the falls are not very large and are in fact shallow water, the current is strong as it makes it's way down to join Trout Way, stopping to form shallow little 'pools of water' along it's many different levels.

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Sitting atop the great Malwaki Mountain, lies a series of caves, crevasses and other 'holes in the mountain'. While it's a great area for hunting small critters and seeking shelter against the sometimes harsh weather, Mountain Lions are known to make their residencies in this area, creating a bit of a dangerous atmosphere for any predator venturing up the mountain.

IV. Fire

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by person
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The Rattlesnake desert is the most dry area, hardly getting much rain all year long. While some animals enjoy the heat and don't find the challenge of finding water to be too much, others tend to shy away from this death valley. To go too long without water here in the day light is surely death.

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On Nov 19, 2017 3:25:22 GMT
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The traveling well is located within Rattlesnake desert and is perhaps the only place, besides the oasis, to have a sustainable source of water. This is a high traffic muddy pond that sustains the life thriving within the desert. Though the large body of water sees sun most of the year, due to the volume it obtains during the desert's wet season, the pond seems to never dry up.

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This oasis sits in the deeper, darker parts of the Rattlesnake desert, however it's a high traffic area for a variety of animals. The small, lush almost rainforest atmosphere surrounds a small pool of water in it's center. Though the oasis is small, it's a gorgeous area of beautiful plants, shade from the heat, and a cool pool to dip into even if only for a moment.

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Way back in the deepest part of the desert is where this feature sits. The Dragon's Tongue is an old, inactive volcano that pushes the land up from it's flat formation into a sharp peak. While some whisper it's only a matter of time before this volcano erupts, it's been hundreds of years since the last explosion and others whisper it's a safe place to call home. No matter what your opinion: it's always an interesting feature of the land to gaze upon.

V. Water

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Trout Way is a shallow creek the feeds into Grizzly Lake from the Old Forest. It's a stony creek running a few miles deep into the forest. The creek gets it's name because the lake's trout absolutely love to swim up and down the way, creating a few opportunities for easy prey for any hungry predator.

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The Grizzly lake is no extremely special body of water, however this lake provides a lot for the animals of the Earth. The lake is not very large, though it's definitely sufficient. The dark water is surrounded by trees on all sides, though it's accessible from any angle you may visit it from. In the middle of the lake sits Mallard Island, four small wooden bridges reaching across the water to touch the island: a fingerprint left by the humans before they left.

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Mallard Island is a small island that sits in the middle of Grizzly Lake. It has 4 narrow 'bridges' that cross onto the island from each direction, something the humans had added before they went extinct. Though it does have the bridge access, it's not too far a swim should a canine decide to cross. The island itself is very small, but full. Trees stretch from end to end and birds, turtles, and other small little critters love this island, though it's not large enough to sustain any population of good prey for a large carnivore.

VIII. End of Book

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Here you'll find our resident fun and games board! Rant, rave, chatter about your favorite movies and tv shows, heck even feel free to play some games with your buddies. This is your board for pure goofing off. Follow your instincts.

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Trackers are meant to keep everything in one place: character biographies, participating threads, plot lines, heck even your fancy post tables. Whatever you'd like to keep track of can be taken down here within your own thread. Specific member boards will be available for purchase shortly!

12 threads and 48 posts

There's nothing too fancy here. This board focuses on the artists' side of Instincts. Whether you're looking for someone to make you a nice avatar or you just want to test out your most recent Frankenstein's creation, it's all welcome here.

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Whether you're going away or coming back, we'd love to know about it! Keep us in the loop by dropping a note here, we'll be sure to hit you back and keep everything in order for you while you're away!


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